Minimum wage campaign: Is initiative best way to hike pay?

October 22, 2016 Associated Press Gene Johnson   Opponents of I-1433 say they don’t necessarily oppose raising the minimum wage. Some say they would support a more moderate increase, such as to $12, with certain conditions: that it’s regionally tiered, includes a training wage for teens, and credits tips toward wages. I-1433 includes none of those provisions. Raising the minimum … Read More

Locals give their two cents on minimum wage hike initiative

October 20, 2016 KEPR-TV  Nicole Fierro TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Regional economists say quarter of our local businesses could feel a change come January first and it comes at the hands of voters. A major initiative on the ballot, Initiative 1433, calls for a statewide hike in minimum wage. It raises the standard up about $4 by 2020. As a barista … Read More

Measure to lift minimum wage to $13.50 statewide has Washington divided

October 15, 2016 The Seattle Times Janet I. Tu … Several business groups oppose [Initiative 1433], saying that while Seattle’s booming economy can support a high minimum wage, the rest of the state isn’t faring so well. Boosting the minimum wage in those areas could lead to higher prices and cuts in jobs and work hours, they say. “We’re mostly a minimum-wage … Read More

Ice cream business owner: Minimum wage bump could eliminate jobs for teens

ARTICLE SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 PUGET SOUND BUSINESS JOURNAL CORAL GARNICK High school and college students looking for part time work in the winter and full time work in the summer often flock to the retail and restaurant industries and Jack Walsh, owner of Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt in Federal Way, has welcomed them the last five years with … Read More