Nearly all of Washington’s major newspapers are urging NO on I-1433.

No on I-1433’s one-size-fits-all wage increases.”

“I-1433 fails to recognize the differences in local economies and costs of living throughout the state. We cannot recommend that voters adopt it.”

-The Everett Herald, 10/23/16

“[I-1433] pushes a seemingly arbitrary threshold too fast and too far for many Washington communities to bear.”

-The Tacoma News Tribune, 9/24/16

“No on I-1433”

Businesses will be forced to raise the price of goods and services, hire fewer workers, reduce hours, turn full-time roles into part-time jobs… Will workers and business be better off in the end? We don’t think so.”

-The (Longview) Daily News, 9/15/16

“The Columbian’s Editorial Board recommends a ‘no’ vote on [I-1433]. … [I-1433] is a leap too far.

-The Columbian, 10/4/16

“[I-1433] does not offer wage flexibility. It does not exempt small businesses from the sick leave mandate. … No wonder I-1433 is called a blunt instrument. … [W]e urge voters to reject it.

-The Spokesman-Review, 10/22/16


The risk to businesses — and to jobs for workers — isn’t worth the promised rewards.

-The Yakima Herald, 10/12/16


“[I-1433] tries to blanket our state with a one-size-fits-all approach that just doesn’t work in Washington.  We encourage you to vote No on Initiative 1433.”

-The Tri-City Herald, 10/9/16


“The rest of the state’s economy outside of a few pockets has been flat. Trying to keep up with Seattle would be counter productive. We urge a no vote.

-The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 9/4/16

Washington needs a minimum wage that’s fair to everyone – workers, consumers and small businesses. Initiative 1433 misses the mark badly.

Instead of creating a system of wage standards that considers different economic conditions across our large and diverse state, accounts for the different pay structures of certain jobs, and respects the need for a training wage for new workers, the authors of I-1433 took hasty shortcuts to rush a poorly crafted proposal to the ballot.  The result will be that I-1433 would do far more than harm than good for workers and the Washington economy.

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